Wellcome at Kern Beisl




“Kerns” mixed plate of Austrian starters

smoked ham, goat cheese, aspik of pork, marinated vegetables


„Styria“ Aspik of pork served with sour roots


“Waldviertler” smoked ham with marinated vegetables




Clear Oxtail soup

with sliced pancakes, semolina dumpling or liver dumpling



with roots


Vienna classic main dishes


„Opas“ beef goulash

with potatos


Original „Wiener Schnitzel“ of veal

served with mixed salad


Boiled Schulterscherzel (similar to Tafelspitz)

with apple-horsradish, chivesauce, roots

and potatoes


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Kern Beisl classic


„Vienna“ Zwiebelrostbraten“ Roast cotelette of beef

in a red wine - onionsauce,

served with fried potato



“Gösser” roast pork made in the oven

in a beersauce, served with rolled dumpling

and cabbage salad



Crispy deep fried chicken filets

with potato – pumpkinseed oil -  salad





“Styria” Risotto with pumpkin,

parmesan cheese and pumpkinoil



Roasted “Tyrolian” small dumplings with farmer cheese

served with green salad



Fresh Fish



Grilled fish filet

with paprika-garlicbutter and fried potato



Deep fried fish filet “Vienna style”

served with potatoesalad



Our salads


Grilled chicken stripes

with lettuce, cucumber, tomato and balsamico vinegar


Styria farmer salad with goat cheese and pumpkinoil,

lettuce, cucumber, tomato


Austrian Beef salad

lettuce, tomato, pumpkinseed oil, ghurkin, paprika




2 peaces of pancakes with apricot marmalade


2 peaces “Schönbrunn” pancake

with nuts and chocolatesauce


“Vienna” Apfelstrudel

with vanillasauce


Cake of the day please ask your waiter


Mixed Austrian cheese plate


Enjoy your stay